Best Nintendo Switch thumb grips 2022

Best Nintendo Switch thumb grips 2022

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Nintendo Switch thumb grips

While some people love the Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons the way they are, for some, they could use a little comfort boost. A simple way to do that is by adding some thumb grips to the joystick! This also adds some personality to the look of your controllers. If you like the functionality of the Joy-Cons, don’t have a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller, or just like to have the option of either while looking to make it more comfortable, these thumb grips are sure to help.

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The Joy-Cons aren’t the best controllers if you’re planning on gaming for a long time or playing titles that require a lot of precision. You could pick up a different controller, but you can also get some performance improvement just by grabbing one of the best Nintendo Switch thumb grips. We recommend the Hyperkin Joy-Con Silicone Thumb Grips because they go with any Switch or Switch Lite and come with a one-year warranty if you have any issues.

If style is just as important to you as function, you might like the Animal Crossing Thumb Stick Caps which offer a mix of both. If you’re specifically looking for an edge when playing one of the many Nintendo Switch shooters like Splatoon 2 or Doom, the Skull & Co. Thumb Grip Set is a great choice. No matter what you pick, these thumb grips should keep your hands happy.

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