New ad shows just how fast you can get approved for Apple Card

New ad shows just how fast you can get approved for Apple Card

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Apple has debuted a new ad that shows that, in a pinch, its credit card can come to the rescue.

The company has released “Chocolate,” a new ad for Apple Card that depicts someone who, already in process of eating a bar of chocolate in line, found that they went to the store without their wallet. Thankfully, they were able to use their iPhone to apply for, get approved, and use their Apple Card in minutes to avoid having to either steal or leave a half-eaten candy bar at the counter.

You can check out the new ad on YouTube below:

Get the simplicity of Apple in a credit card. Apply in minutes and use right away. No fees, unlimited Daily Cash back, and you can share with whoever you call family.

The ad features the song “Chocolate (feat. TrozĂ©)” by Big Boi. You can listen to that on Apple Music below:

While most people would hopefully not find themselves in a situation where they had to apply for a credit card in order to buy a candy bar, it certainly shows off the convenience of Apple’s approach to the credit card application process. Normally, a would-be credit cardholder would have to apply online, potentially wait days for an approval, and then also wait up to a week for their physical card to arrive in the mail.

While some credit card companies have made steps to improve this process, Apple integrated the entire process into its Wallet app, something that every iPhone owner has in their pocket. It’s definitely a differentiator in an industry that has been quite slow to adopt new technologies to improve the customer experience.

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