OnMail now lets everyone use their old email account in its app for free

OnMail now lets everyone use their old email account in its app for free

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OnMail, an email service run by Edison, has made some changes to allow people to get more out of it across multiple devices including iOS. Top of the list is the ability for all free-tier users to import their existing email accounts into the app. That feature was previously limited to those who paid for the service.

The move means that those who already have accounts from Gmail, Outlook, and even iCloud can now read and send email using the OnMail app. That, the outfit says, immediately levels up your existing email account in new ways.

Your old email account will instantly be smarter in OnMail. Try out features like Accept Sender to approve or block email senders before they enter your inbox, Inbox Break to help you restore balance when managing email, Done to help you zip through your inbox, and more for every type of email account. Your existing accounts will also be automatically protected by our anti-tracking technology to block hidden spy pixels, and get access to incredibly smart A.I. features such as Automatic Nudges, Smart Reply, Smart Folders, and Suggested Unsubscribes.

OnMail now also has new tools for making it easier to quieten your inbox. Blocking as ender is now quicker than before, while new notification controls mean that you will now receive repeat emails from an account, even if you’re yet to approve it for email receipt. That allows you the added confidence that you’ll never miss an email, even if you’re yet to approve someone.

As awesome as it is to be able to choose who can enter your inbox with our Accept Sender functionality, sometimes you might fall behind and see a list forming of pending contacts to approve or deny. There is always the chance that a pending contact might be time sensitive, so we’ve added a new functionality to our mobile apps to send you a notification when a pending contact emails you twice or more.

This alert will arrive in your Notification Center under the subject line, New Contact Request. All you need to do is tap and hold this notification and you’ll be able to accept or block the sender. If you accept them and realize that you’ve made a mistake, you can block them with a single tap from the email details screen.

You can learn more about what the new OnMail update has to offer on the company blog and the app itself can be downloaded from the App Store, too.

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