WhatsApp readies more granular control of your 'Last Seen' status

WhatsApp readies more granular control of your ‘Last Seen’ status

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The popular instant messaging platform WhatsApp is testing a new change that will give people more control over their ‘Last Seen’ status. The status shows people when someone was last active in the WhatsApp app and a new change will allow people to block specific people from seeing that information.

The new WhatsApp change will allow people to grant all of their contacts access to their ‘Last Seen’ status except for specific users, reports WABetaInfo.

If you open WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen / Profile Photo / About, you might find a new option called “My Contacts Except…”: this option lets you exclude some people from seeing your information on WhatsApp. For example, you do not need to set your last seen to “Nobody” if you have disabled it due to certain contacts: you can exclude them from seeing your last seen now. As we explained in the changelog about the Android update, when you select contacts in Last Seen > My Contacts Except, you won’t be able to see their last seen, but this rule does not apply to your about and profile photo.

The change has been rolled out to some people who have the WhatsApp TestFlight beta installed and will surely become available to everyone who has the App Store version in due course. It’s another move to help improve privacy with WhatsApp having already tinkered with the way the same status works previously.

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