Leaked EU plans could reveal huge changes forced on iPhone

Leaked EU plans could reveal huge changes forced on iPhone

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A new report purportedly reveals some of the changes the EU may force upon big tech companies including Apple with its new Digital Markets Act.

From MacRumors:

According to a leaked working document intended to reflect the “final” version of the DMA, seen by MacRumors, the EU is planning to enact changes that seek to have a significant impact on the way that companies like Apple will have to manage their products, apps, and services in Europe, particularly with regards to “gatekeeping.”

The report says one headline would force “Apple to allow users to download apps from the internet and third-party app stores and allow developers to use in-app payment systems of their choice and promote offers to users,” a huge shakeup to the current App Store business model on Apple’s best iPhones and iPads such as the iPhone 13.

It could also see changes to requirements about browsers, no longer letting Apple force everyone to use WebKit. Other provisions reportedly include interoperability obligations for certain services like messaging, voice calling, video apps, and more including requirements for end-to-end encryption.

The DMA was provisionally approved in March but is yet to be published. It is expected to come into force around October but is likely to face staunch opposition from Apple in the meantime.

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