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Leviton announces HomeKit-enabled Decora home lighting solutions for older homes

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Now you can easily add HomeKit-enabled lighting to older homes with the new Decora No-Neutral lineup.

Late Monday afternoon, Leviton debuted several new smart home products to its Decora lineup. Most of them are geared toward adding HomeKit-compatible lighting to older homes that may not feature neutral wiring.

No matter what devices you’re interested in, you’ll need to purchase a required Smart Wi-Fi Bridge. It supports up to 25 of the No-Neutral devices and offers coverage for 2500 square feet.

Once you’ve obtained a Bridge, you can add a No-Neutral switch and a No-Neutral dimmer, allowing you to control your lighting from your iPhone.

If you’d like to add a Switch or Dimmer to an area that doesn’t have one, the Decora Wire-Free Anywhere companions have you covered. Simply stick the battery-operated switch to your wall — no need to mess with electrical wiring.

Additionally, Decora also released a second-generation Wi-Fi Tamper-resistant outlet. However, it does require a neutral wire to work, so it’s best suited for newer construction or retrofitted homes.

It provides on/off control for loads of up to 15A, including lamps, holiday lighting, electronics, and small appliances. It’s also compatible with the Anywhere Switch companion.

Lastly, new to the Decora lineup is the Decora Smart Wi-Fi 2nd Gen Motion Sensing Dimmer.

It features ambient light sensing to dim the lights to the perfect level every time. It also offers presets for night, a light guide, and a handy motion snooze that allows you to keep the lights down low while watching movies. It also functions as a control point for other smart switches and HomeKit automations.

Like the Tamper-resistant outlet, it requires homes with neutral wiring to work.

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