Studio Display's poor webcam quality is not a software bug

Apple releases Studio Display Firmware 15.5 beta 2

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Apple last week released a new beta firmware for Studio Display, which the company later confirmed addresses some of the webcam quality issues. With the release of macOS 12.4 beta 3 earlier today, Apple also made the second beta of Studio Display Firmware 15.5 available to developers – and it seems to improve the camera a bit more.

Since the Studio Display was released, consumers have been really upset about the low quality of its built-in front camera. Real-life tests have revealed that the images captured by the webcam are washed out and very noisy, especially in low-light situations.

With Studio Display Firmware 15.5 beta, Apple has made some camera tuning, improved noise reduction, contrast, and framing to make the image look better. And while tests have confirmed these changes, they’re not as drastic as they sound. However, the company has still been trying to improve the Studio Display’s webcam image.

Developer James Thomsom did some comparisons before and after installing the update on his Studio Display. While the image is still a bit washed out, the latest beta firmware does indeed seem to have increased image sharpness. The developer also noted that there’s more contrast and that the colors are a bit more natural after the update.

Of course, we still can’t expect much from a firmware update. As I previously wrote on 9to5Mac, the main cause of the Studio Display’s poor webcam quality is its ultra-wide lens combined with a small sensor. Still, at least Apple is trying to make things look less terrible now.

Studio Display Firmware 15.5 beta 2 is now available to developers. In order to install the update, your display must be connected to a Mac running the latest macOS beta available.

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