Check out Roborock's robotic vacuum and mop Mother's Day offers

Check out Roborock’s robotic vacuum and mop Mother’s Day offers

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With almost a decade of experience leading the robot vacuum industry under its belt, Roborock’s models are one of the best choices when thinking about a Mother’s Day gift.

The new S7 MaxV Ultra model was just released by the company and alongside this impressive product, people can also take advantage of more Mother’s Day sales promotions offered by Roborock. Check them out below.

Roborock S7 robot vacuum and mop

Roborock has the S7 robot vacuum and mop with 2500pa suction power now on sale for $479, saving you $170 off the regular price of $649. With up to 180 minutes of continuum cleaning in a single charge, it helps you clean the house with ease.

The Roborock S7 model offers ultrasonic carpet recognition accurately identifying rugs using this technology. When a carpet is recognized, the robot vacuum increases suction efficiency for deeper rug cleaning. You can also choose to lift the mop to vacuum low carpets, or use no mop zones to keep it from cleaning the mids and highs. Check out this Mother’s Day deal here.

Roborock S6 Pure robotic vacuum and mop offers Siri integration and a customizable cleaning experience

The Roborock S6 Pure robotic vacuum and mop is also another solid option for a Mother’s Day gift. Regular $599, you can get it for $280 off for a limited time at $319. Designed to offer users a completely customizable cleaning solution, the S6 Pure mops and sweeps on your command via the companion iOS app or just by yelling at Siri.

Just like an iPhone Pro, this robot features a wide array of intelligent sensors and a LiDAR navigation system which is used to offer a more intelligent cleaning system than your average robot vac on Amazon.

The Roborock S6 Pure’s 2000pa of suction power with automatic carpet boost technology “easily lifts dust from floors” and will automatically adjust to full power for thicker carpets. You can find this Mother’s Day deal here.

Roborock E4 Pure is the budget-friendly option for those who want a robotic vacuum and mop

The Roborock E4 robot vacuum and mop is a more than a capable option that hits well above its pay grade with neat Z-shape cleaning, auto-return charging, app and voice control support (via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant gear), and a large capacity 5,200mAh battery that provides enough energy to clean up to 2,152-square foot space. Regular $299, you get it for $140 off at $159.

Not only that, but it offers four different cleaning options. Roborock also grants 12 months of 24 hours customer service for each of its products. So if you have any questions, you don’t need to hesitate to reach out. You can find the Roborock E4 Pure here.

Roborock S7 MaxV offers the ultimate robot vacuum experience yet

Also now available is the recently released Roborock S7 MaxV that features new AI obstacle avoidance, Siri shortcuts support, and more. It comes with super-strong 5100pa suction power and sonic mopping to handle the toughest grime.

Powering the S7 MaxV’s ability to see objects fast and accurately – both day and night – is ReactiveAI 2.0. The latest tech pairs an RGB camera and 3D structured light scanning with a brand-new neural processor.

Not only does the new system make it easy for the S7 MaxV to quickly see and avoid obstacles like furniture and shoes, but it can even identify your different flooring materials to use the optimal suction power and scrub intensity.

One interesting detail is the Roborock app that offers the ability to do live video calls to see what your vacuum sees and talk to pets or family with the built-in mic. You can get this robot vacuum during Mother’s Day sales here.

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