First Apple Store in the U.S. to hold union election on June 2

First Apple Store in the U.S. to hold union election on June 2

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The first Apple Store in the United States could be unionized as soon as June.

As reported by The Verge, Apple Store employees at the Cumberland Mall location have reached an agreement with the company to hold a union election on June 2. The outlet obtained a copy of the stipulated election agreement which spelled out employees’ efforts to organize with the Communications Workers of America.

The news comes as the third Apple Store in the United States launched a unionization effort. Earlier today, it was reported that Apple Store employees at the Towson Town Center store in Maryland were also organizing. Workers at Grand Central Terminal in New York City also have an organizing effort going.

According to the report, Apple attempted to push the election until July but that was shot down by the CWA. Workers hope that, through unionizing, they will be able to push for better pay, career development, and benefits.

Apple pushed to hold the vote in July, according to a source familiar with the situation. The CWA opposed the later election date, as the move could have given Apple more time to dissuade workers from unionizing. While Apple hasn’t officially said it is against workers organizing, the company is working with anti-union lawyers from Littler Mendelson, the same firm used by companies like Starbucks and McDonald’s.

Last month, organizers posted a letter explaining their vision for what working at the company should be like, including specific changes they wanted Apple to make. They explained that they’re looking for a variety of improvements, such as better compensation (including cost of living adjustments to pay), better career development options for retail workers, and enforcement of health and safety protocols, especially around COVID.

The election will reportedly begin on June 2 and run through June 4. It will be held in person and all regular full and part-time workers will be eligible. The New York Times reports that about 70% of the staff have signed authorization cards in support of the union.

If the vote goes through, the Atlanta-based Apple Store will be the first in the United States to unionize.

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