Nintendo Switch Sports tips and tricks

Nintendo Switch Sports tips and tricks

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Motion-controlled sports action is back on Nintendo again! Inspired by the first of its kind, Wii Sports, Nintendo Switch Sports is a new game all its own with some familiar action and some new sports. Bring the family or friends together and set up a successful game night with these beginner tips.

Buy the physical copy

If you haven’t bought the game yet, I definitely recommend buying the physical copy instead of the digital one. When you buy the physical copy, it includes the leg strap you will need for one of the soccer modes, Shoot Off. While you don’t need it for anything else yet, I suspect that it may come into play with games that will be added in updates post-release. This will be one less thing (and less money) you have to worry about later if they expand the need for the additional Nintendo Switch accessory.

Clear the area

Nintendo Switch Sports Bowling Pins

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In true Wii Sports fashion, some people have already damaged or come close to damaging their belongings with Joy-Cons, shoes, and other flingable objects. For the sake of your belongings and the safety of those around you, it’s important to actually wear the Joy-Con straps, make sure as many breakable objects as possible are out of swinging range, and take whatever other precautions you may see necessary for your space to be sure no one and nothing will be hurt.

Nintendo Switch Sports Joy Con Strap Warning

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Choosing the right area to play in is also important. In a smaller living room, trying to play with more than two people can feel crowded with arms swinging around. If you have a choice, playing in a very open area with a lot of horizontal room will be helpful for bigger groups. Everyone’s space is different, so just take a moment to look around before you play, so you don’t break your home trying to play Nintendo Switch Sports.

Plays well with others

Playing against the AI has its own special things to offer; you can get a natural feel for the controls, the sensitivity of the motion the Joy-Cons pick up and see what your strengths and weaknesses maybe when you’re not in the chaos of playing with a group. But, the real fun comes in when you play with friends and family. Whether you play all together on the same console or online play, the game’s competitiveness is more humorous and exciting when you’re playing with people you know versus playing alone. However, to play through the online play you will have to have a Nintendo Switch Online or Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pass membership.

No hand-holding

Nintendo Switch Sports Soccer

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Since the game is designed to get you up and to move, there is no way to play Nintendo Switch Sports in handheld mode. You will either want to have it in the dock, playing on the TV with Joy-Cons ready, or have the kickstand up and ready to support your game session. The motion of the Joy-Con controllers is how all of these games are played so you will be up and moving the whole time, so wear your best tennis shoes!

Have fun with your Mii

Nintendo Switch Sports Mii Customization

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A cool customization feature Nintendo Switch Sports offers is the ability to create your own Mii character again. As you play more, different customization options are unlocked. Although you may be in a rush to get playing, have some fun creating your characters! When you’re playing with a group, it adds to the fun to see these cartoony versions of everyone running around and doing the actual moves while playing. Plus, it makes it more exciting when you get new items to equip.

Your Mii not only displays and holds your record information but also can be very helpful during gameplay. When in doubt about your positioning or how to hold the controllers, look at your Mii’s position and try to match it exactly. I especially noticed this being helpful in bowling and Shoot Off in soccer.

Get set!

When it comes to playing the individual sports within the game, they are very well explained and displayed. It’s easy to plug and play! With these tips and the guidance in-game, you and your friends or family are sure to have a fantastic time testing each other’s skills.

Take a swing at sports

Nintendo Switch Sports Box

Nintendo Switch Sports

Get into the game!

Bring your friends and family together for some friendly competition! See who brings home the win in volleyball, soccer, bowling, tennis, badminton, and chambara.

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