Google announces Pixel Watch, its competitor to the Apple Watch

Google announces Pixel Watch, its competitor to the Apple Watch

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After a long wait, the Pixel Watch is finally official.

Earlier today, Google kicked Google I/O, its yearly developer conference. During the keynote for the event, the company finally unveiled the Pixel Watch, Google’s direct competitor to the Apple Watch.

As expected, the Pixel Watch will feature a ton of Google features like the Google Assistant, Google Maps, and the new Google Wallet. Users will be able to make calls, send messages, control their smart home, and make payments with Google Pay.

The company announced that the Pixel Watch will also have a deep integration with Fitbit. Users will be able to track a range of health metrics and fitness goals, including continuous heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking.

You can watch Google announce the Pixel Watch in the Google I/O keynote below. The watch section begins at three hours and two minutes into the video:

Google wrapped things up by announcing that the Pixel Watch will be available this fall.

It’s a watch that many have been anticipating for a long time. In addition to the watch, Google also revealed that it will be going up against the iPad with the Pixel tablet, but that device is not expected to launch until 2023.

There’s no denying that the design is attractive but we’ll have to wait to get more details about the Pixel Watch as we get closer to the launch date.

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