Best accessories for HomePod 2022

Best accessories for HomePod 2022

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accessories for HomePod

Apple’s HomePod is an excellent high-end speaker and so much more. Whether it is a home theater speaker, smart voice assistant, or portable jukebox — the HomePod can do it all. To get the most out of your HomePod, you will need to pick up a few accessories like cases, stands, or HomeKit smart home devices. Here are some of our picks for the best HomePod accessories available.

Home theater:
2021 Apple TV 4K (32GB)

Staff Favorite

Apple’s HomePod makes for an excellent home theater speaker, but to take advantage of its capabilities, you need the Apple TV 4K. In our recent review, we hailed the Apple TV 4K as being the “best Apple TV ever made” thanks to Dolby Atmos support and the ability to set the HomePod as the default speaker for all of your movies, shows, and games.

Vivo Universal Speaker Stands

Surround sound:
VIVO Premium Universal 23 inch Floor Speaker Stands

If you go the home theater route with a pair of HomePods, VIVO’s speaker stand set can help with surround sound placement. This universal 23-inch stand set from VIVO supports up to 22 pounds each — plenty for the HomePod — and it includes a built-in cable management system to hide the power cable.

Eve Energy Smart Plug

Voice control:
Eve Energy – Smart Plug for Apple HomeKit

Plug just about anything into the Eve Energy smart plug and turn it into a smart appliance with energy monitoring. In our review, we loved how simple it was to set lamps, fans, and more to turn on and off even when not at home in our hands-on review. Once set up, a couple of words to your HomePod is all you need to control your devices.

Bestand Homepod Travel Case

On the go:
HomePod Travel Case, Carry Bag With Holding Strap Drop

If you travel with your HomePod, a protective case is a must. This shockproof — and semi-waterproof — case perfectly fits your HomePod with a handy built-in carrying strap that makes hauling it around a breeze.

$20 at Amazon

Awinner Silicone Homepod Stand in White

Simple solution:
AWINNER Accessories Compatible with HomePod Stand

This inexpensive silicone pad protects both your HomePod and surfaces in your home. Available in six colors, AWINNER’s pad absorbs vibrations from your smart speaker, which could lead to marks on wood; plus, an anti-slip rubber grip keeps your HomePod from sliding around.

$9 at Amazon

Allicaver Homepod Wall Mount in Black

Mount it:
Wall Mount Compatible Apple HomePod, ALLICAVER Sturdy Metal Made Mount

Get your HomePod up and out of the way with this heavy-duty steel wall mount from Allicaver. The design is simple, but it’s a custom fit for the HomePod with two matching finishes. A ring around the middle holds your HomePod securely on the mount.

$26 at Amazon

Get more out of your smart speaker with the best HomePod accessories

With the HomePod’s ability to play high-quality music on-demand, control smart home devices, and premium home theater capabilities — the HomePod is genuinely one of the best smart speakers around. If you have a HomePod and are all-in on Apple, we recommend picking up an Apple TV 4K to go along with it. With an Apple TV, you get Dolby Atmos surround sound and high-quality audio for your movies, shows, and games.

If you’re not sure where to start with smart home accessories or looking for a gift for someone with a HomePod, you can’t go wrong with the Eve Energy smart plug. This HomeKit smart plug offers an effortless plug-and-play design, and with energy monitoring, you may even save a few dollars on your electric bill.

Worried about your HomePod staining delicate surfaces? The AWINNER HomePod Stand is a simple but effective solution. This low price stand lifts your HomePod slightly, preventing damage from vibrations, plus it blends in with your HomePod’s color, keeping the focus on that sleek Apple design.

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