macOS Monterey 12.4 adds new wallpaper for Studio Display

macOS Monterey 12.4 adds new wallpaper for Studio Display

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Apple is finally making the original Studio Display wallpaper available to users.

Earlier today, Apple seeded the Release Candidate of macOS Monterey 12.4 to developers and public beta users. In addition to including a new feature for the Apple Podcasts Mac app and support for the Studio Display Firmware Update 15.5, it also finally added the wallpaper that the Studio Display has been marketed with since Apple originally announced the product.

Spotted by 9to5Mac, the macOS 12.4 Release Candidate includes the “Studio” wallpaper that has been marketed along with the Studio Display itself. According to the outlet, there is only one version of the wallpaper, meaning that there is no separate light or dark mode.

This wallpaper comes from the marketing images of Apple’s Studio Display, which was introduced in March alongside Mac Studio. The image shows the letters of the word “Studio” as if they were folded, and it features shades of blue, purple, and orange.

Unlike other macOS wallpapers, this one is only available in a single version – so there are no specific images for light and dark modes.

If you want to download the Studio Display wallpaper for another device, like a Mac, iPad, or iPhone, you can get the full resolution version on the 9to5 Mac website.

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