Apple introduces 'Audio Hints' for Apple Fitness+

Apple introduces ‘Audio Hints’ for Apple Fitness+

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Apple Fitness+ just got a fantastic accessibility feature.

In an email to Apple Fitness+ subscribers, Apple has announced that it is bringing “Audio Hints” to the workout subscription service. As Apple explains, Audio Hints offer additional verbal cues to help Blind and low vision users follow along with their workout.

Audio Hints are additional verbal cues created to better support users who are Blind or low vision. In addition to your trainer’s coaching, these short, descriptive cues can help you stay on track during workouts.

While the feature is available for most of the workout types on the service, Apple revealed that it is currently not yet available for Meditation, Time to Walk, and Time to Run workouts.

Audio Hints provide audible descriptions of onscreen actions when completing a workout with Fitness+. If you turn Audio Hints on, they can help clarify a movement and give timing clues during your workout.

Audio Hints aren’t currently supported in Meditation, Time to Walk, or Time to Run workouts.

Thankfully, Apple is making the feature available across the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV Fitness app. Users who are interested in trying out the new feature can do so by checking out the Apple Support article.

The news comes as Apple also announced a range of accessibility features that are coming to its devices later this year, including a new “Door Detection” feature for Blind or low vision users.

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