NowPlaying helps identify songs that are playing and new updates mean it's better than ever

NowPlaying helps identify songs that are playing and new updates mean it’s better than ever

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NowPlaying, a popular app that can be used to identify songs that are playing, has been updated to add a raft of new features including additional icons, information on awards a song might have had, and more.

The new app update is available via the App Store and includes a number of improvements. NowPlaying was already a fun way to find the name of a song that was playing, but now it goes further. One feature added recently means that if a song has won an award, the app will tell you whether that was an MTV Music Award, an Apple Music Award, or just about anything else. More awards are set to be added, too.

In addition to that, music lovers can now have the songs open in Spotify for the first time while song lyrics are being pulled from and those really into the artform will enjoy seeing which samples are used in a particular song. All of that, and more, has been added to NowPlaying since we last took a look at the app. This latest update also includes:

  • Unlockable App icons: Unlock 12 different icons by completing assignments (more to come)
  • You can now open a song in Spotify
  • Eurovision is added to awards
  • View Lyrics on
  • You can now see what samples are used in the song you’re listening to
  • Indication if the song you’re listening to is a cover
  • You can now open any song via a Deep-link
  • Got a story to tell about a song? Let me know!
  • Kiosk mode: Hides all the buttons (except the stop button)
  • Auto-dim: Automatically brighten and dim the screen when a new song has been found

Those who already have NowPlaying installed will see the update available to them if they haven’t already installed it. Everyone else can download it now. It’s free with an in-app purchase.

NowPlaying was already one of the best iPhone apps for identifying songs and now it’s better than ever.

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