Splatoon 2: Everything in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

Splatoon 2: Everything in the Nintendo Switch Online Expansion Pack

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Since the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack came out, Nintendo has added some DLCs to a few popular titles that are available for free to members. In addition to Animal Crossing: New Horizons – Happy Home Paradise DLC and Mario Kart 8 Course Booster Pass, the Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion DLC has been made free to Expansion Pack members.

Enter Agent 8

Our review highlights how Splatoon 2 has already done a great job at adding a little something for everyone. With the Octo Expansion, you have the addition of a new character, Agent 8, and you accompany her on an adventure through 80 different missions in a new solo mode. Starting in an underground test facility with no memories, you are trying to make it to Inkopolis. In addition to Agent 8, players will also have other Octolings they can play as in multiplayer mode once the story is completed.

Brand new Octogear

Not only do you get a new solo player mode, a whole new story to play, and a new set of characters, but players will also get access to some new gear! Members will be able to equip their Inklings or Octolings with the red Studio Octophones and the Octo Layered Long Sleeve Shirt. Extra accessories for your character always make for a fun way to change up your aesthetic.

Expansion Pack expands its worth

Outside of the Nintendo Switch Online + Expansion Pack membership, this has been released as a $20 DLC. Nintendo has been adding to the worth of the online membership by continuing to add these large DLCs as free content for members. We hope we will continue to see more perks to the Expansion Pack membership to make it even more worth the money. If you’re going to pick up the membership to play these DLCs, check out all of the other games you can play with the pack, too. You may also want to consider picking up one of the best controllers for Nintendo Switch so you can game on more comfortably.

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