Gurman: 48MP wide-angle camera coming to iPhone 14 Pro

iPhone 14 Pro may have 1Hz refresh mode for always-on display

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New insight claims the iPhone 14 Pro could have a 1Hz refresh rate mode on its OLED display, paving the way for battery saving and an always-on display.

In response to a report on the current smartphone market, DSCC’s Ross Young was asked:

Can you confirm the iPhone 14 Pros will drop down to 1 hz? 10hz of 13 Pros was good enough for Always-on, so dropping further must be sign of Always-on, finally, maybe?

To this Young replied, “can’t confirm, but expecting it.” The innovation could mean the first always-on display for Apple’s next best iPhone, the iPhone 14. Apple’s always-on display is currently reserved for Apple Watch devices like the Apple Watch Series 7, allowing the screen to drop to an ultra-low refresh rate mode to save battery and provide the always-on functionality that has proven to be one of the biggest upgrades to Apple Watch in recent years.

While Young noted he can’t confirm the feature, his expectation holds weight given his excellent knowledge of the display supply chain and relevant technologies. Where Young has committed to leaking plans about Apple he almost never misses and has a 92.9% accuracy rating according to Apple Track.

Apple’s iPhone 14 is expected to feature a new hole-punch notch arrangement on the Pro models, which are also expected to get a new A-series processor. Other upgrades possibly on the cards include a new 48MP camera as Apple seeks to build on the success of the iPhone 13.

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