Brawlhalla x Street Fighter adds M. Bison, Luke, Sakura, Ken, & Dhalsim to the game

Brawlhalla x Street Fighter adds M. Bison, Luke, Sakura, Ken, & Dhalsim to the game

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Brawlhalla, the hugely popular free platform fighting game for iPhone and iPad, has a big new update that includes a collab with Capcom — adding some of Street Fighter’s best characters to the game.

The crossover is actually the second between Capcom and Ubisoft, with this one bringing M. Bison, Luke, Sakura, Ken, and Dhalsim to a game that already included Ryu, Chun-Li, and Akuma. Dubbed Epic Crossovers, the new skins are joined by a new map, new voiceovers, and more. The new skins are based on existing characters in-game — Ubisoft explains:

In Brawlhalla, M. Bison, Luke, Sakura, Ken, and Dhalsim mirror the abilities of Thor, Cross, Lin Fei, Petra, and Rayman, respectively, and will stay in Mallhalla after the event ends

That’s right, Rayman and Dhalsim will forever be linked in your head from now on! The characters do get new, custom lock-in animations and dedicated Roster spots, too.

These new Epic Crossovers feature custom Signature effects with VO lines, two new Weapon Skins each, custom lock-in animations, and dedicated Roster spots. The event also brings a new Street Brawl Map, Bustling Side Street, which is also featured in the Brawl of the Week.

That new map, Bustling Side Street, is based on Street Fighter V and will be immediately familiar. There are a ton of other improvements and tweaks as part of this update and you can learn all about them on the Brawlhalla website.

Those who already have Brawlhalla installed will see the new update ready and waiting for them in the App Store. For everyone else, you can download the game now — it’s free, and you absolutely should!

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