Strange leak suggests Apple will vintage its Apple TV HD next month

Strange leak suggests Apple will vintage its Apple TV HD next month

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A new report says Apple will add the iPhone 4S, original iPad Pro, and an Apple TV to its list of vintage and obsolete products later this month.

MacRumors reports that an internal memo sent to Apple stores and Apple Authorized Service Providers this week reveals that the first generation iPad Pro will be given the vintage treatment at the end of June, as the device has not been on sale for the allotted five years required by Apple. One of Apple’s best iPhones, the iPhone 4S, is also reportedly set to become obsolete at the end of June, as this has not been on sale for more than seven years.

While both of these seem likely fairly regular moves from Apple and in line with its current vintage and obsolete measures, the report also says that the Apple TV HD is listed as destined for Vintage despite the fact that Apple still offers the device to customers. From the report:

Oddly, multiple sources advised MacRumors that Apple’s memo says the “Apple TV HD” will also be classified as vintage at the end of June, despite Apple continuing to sell the device with 32GB of storage.

The most likely explanation, as explained by the report, seems to be that this might actually be a reference to the older third-generation Apple TV that was discontinued in 2016.

In May, analyst and Apple insider Ming-Chi Kuo stated that Apple is planning to release a new more affordable Apple TV to go alongside the Apple TV 4K (2021) and “improve cost structure” for the device. He says this will debut in the second half of 2022.

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