Diablo Immortal iPhone players can unlock extra goodies with the Backbone One controller

Diablo Immortal iPhone players can unlock extra goodies with the Backbone One controller

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Yesterday, Diablo Immortal shadow dropped a day early and brought the latest installment of the series to mobile. The game has received positive reviews so far and currently sits at an 81 on Metacritic. Diablo Immortal is compatible with touch screen controls as well as game controllers allowing fans to play whichever way they prefer.

Today it was revealed that Blizzard has partnered with Backbone to give extra in-game goodies to anyone playing Diablo Immortal using the Backbone One iPhone controller. The Backbone One has made a name for itself since it launched as one of the only game controllers out there specifically made for iPhone. There isn’t an Android version.

Rewards for playing Diablo Immortal with Backbone One

Diablo Immortal players using a Backbone One iPhone controller will receive a complientary Adventurer’s Pack Premium with the following items:

  • 10 x Relic Key – Used to unlock chests in Aspirants Grounds, which rewards Culling Stones.
  • 100 x Culling Stones – Materials used to upgrade your Relics via the Legacy of Horadrim Shrine.
  • 5 x Reforge Stone – Reforge Stones in Diablo Immortal can be used to reroll the random bonuses of your equipment (except for Legendary and Set gears)
  • 2 x Specialized Reforge Stones – Similar to Reforge Stones, but allows you to get more bonuses from the same family group of attributes.
  • 5 x Gem Power – Material used to upgrade Legendary Gems.

It’s unknown at this time if any other Diablo Immortal rewards will release for other mobile controllers

Hell of an iPhone controller

Backbone One

Play your games with comfortable controls

This controller was specifically designed for the iPhone and works great with several different games whether they’re on the App Store, Apple Arcade, or Xbox Game Pass.

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