LG Ergo DualUp Monitor has finally begun shipping

LG Ergo DualUp Monitor has finally begun shipping

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Earlier in the year, LG revealed the latest addition to its lineup of Ergo monitors which stood out with an utterly unique 16:18 aspect ratio. Now at long last, the LG Ergo DualUp Monitor is finally available for purchase, delivering the vertical 28-inch panel with 90W USB-C passthrough charging and more.

LG Ergo DualUp Monitor

In what is effectively just a pair of 1440p monitors squished together into a single unit, the new LG 28MQ780-B Ergo DualUp Monitor takes a completely different approach to upgrading your workstation. Rather than packing in next-generation technology like a mini-LED panel or ultra-low latency response times, LG is opting to deliver as unique of a form factor as you’ll find for a monitor, at least in 2022.

In what feels more like a computer monitor plucked out of the 1990s, the LG Ergo DualUp packs the bizarre 16:18 aspect ratio. That gives it more of a vertical orientation than your typical display, making it ideal for everything from coding to web browsing. The uniqueness also continues over to the mount which is included and gives the monitor its Ergo name. With a c-clamp that mounts to the desk, the fixture can easily raise or lower the display while also offering tilt and swivel support.

Eccentric design aside, LG is actually packing some pretty notable specs into its new Ergo DualUp Monitor. For starters, the 27.6-inch IPS 2560 x 2880 panel is backed by 98% coverage of the DCI-P3 color spectrum with HDR10 contrast and 300 nits of brightness. Even with its deceptive old-school aspect ratio, there’s all of the expected I/O from a new machine.

Dual HDMI 2 ports are joined by a DisplayPort output, as well as a built-in USB-A hub. Though the real star of the show for MacBook owners and the like is the USB-C port which can dish out 90W of power delivery to a connected device. So on top of just driving the monitor, that single cable will allow the LG Ergo DualUp to keep your device powered.

Now available for purchase, the LG 28MQ780-B DualUp monitor joins the rest of the Ergo displays with a $699.99 price tag. You’ll find it currently direct from LG, as well as at retailers like Amazon and B&H.

9to5Toys’ Take

The moment I laid eyes on this absolutely gorgeous display earlier in the year I knew that it was only a matter of time before I added it to my workstation. Now it’s finally shipping, which coincides almost too perfectly with my move to a new apartment and likely a new desk setup. It shouldn’t be long until I have the LG Ergo DualUp monitor in my home office.

I know many are going to balk at its unconventional and almost silly design, but it seems like a perfect addition to an M1 iMac setup, let alone just as a workstation center piece in its own right when hooked up to a MacBook.

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