Apple announces macOS Ventura at WWDC 2022

Apple announces macOS Ventura at WWDC 2022

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Apple has just announced the next version of macOS at WWDC 2022, coming soon to Macs everywhere.

macOS Ventura features new window management tools and an auto organization feature for windows, that lets you focus on the app you’re using without distractions. Windows are now arranged down the left-hand side of your screen in a dock, and you can also open apps in groups, pairing them.

A new Spotlight update will bring users a quick look feature for files, including Live Search for images that you find. You can start timers in Spotlight and get much richer info and results.

Mail has a new undo send and schedule send feature, as well as reminders for messages you want to come back to. Search within Mail also gets a big update that is also coming to iPad and iPhone.

Safari has new features that let you create Shared TabGroups and send them to people. A new Passkeys feature also uses biometrics and cryptographics created with Touch ID and Face ID, Apple says these should be more immune to phishing.

The new version of macOS should give a major boost to products like the Mac Studio and MacBook Pro (2021), as the company continues to tap into the power of Apple silicon.

Gaming on the Mac is also getting a big upgrade with a new MetalFX Upscaling feature in Metal 3, Apple’s answer to DLSS. This will feature in No Man’s Sky, coming to the Mac. There’s also a new Fast Resource Loading API for quicker resource loading.

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