macOS Ventura unlocks racing wheels for Mac

macOS Ventura unlocks racing wheels for Mac

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Apple’s new macOS Ventura software will unlock support for racing wheels from Logitech and elsewhere.

As spotted by MacRumors Apple states:

A wide variety of new and existing game controllers are supported by the Game Controller framework across Apple platforms. macOS also adds support for the most popular racing wheels, pedals, and shifters, including the Logitech G920 and Logitech G29.

These racing wheels are very popular with sim racers because they have a much higher level of immersion compared to using a controller for driving games, however, Mac support probably hasn’t been a priority because gaming on Mac as a whole isn’t that mainstream.

However, Apple is looking to change that with some beefy new macOS Ventura features, notably a new MetalFX Upscaling feature that improves rendering and graphical performance. Other tools include fast resource loading, and more. All of this should help unlock the power of Apple silicon, and as gaming improves and becomes more viable on Mac, wheels like Logitech’s G920 and G29 will become more important to users.

Indeed, Grid Legends is coming to macOS later this year, and is one such game that would be vastly elevated by the use of a wheel over a controller.

Apple’s iOS 16 also added support for Nintento Switch Joy-Con and Pro controllers.

The first betas of all Apple’s software is now available for download for developers.

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