Google Maps helps you breathe more easily with new air quality index layer

Google Maps helps you breathe more easily with new air quality index layer

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Google Maps is rolling out a new air quality index (AQI) feature to give people as much information as possible about the air that they will breathe when stepping foot outside. The new feature is available as an additional mapping layer.

Google announced the addition via a blog post, noting that it will give users of both iOS and Android a way to tell the quality of the air and whether they should consider outdoor activities based on readings.

When you’re visiting a new place or planning outdoor activities, it can be helpful to know the air quality conditions — like whether it’s unusually smoggy. Check out the air quality layer on Google Maps for both Android and iOS, to help you make more informed decisions about whether it’s safe to go on a hike or other outdoor adventures. You’ll see Air Quality Index (AQI), a measure of how healthy (or unhealthy) the air is, along with guidance for outdoor activities, when the information was last updated, and links to learn more.

There are of course plenty of air quality index apps to be found in the App Store but placing it inside Google Maps means AQI can easily be checked for places that people are planning to visit, whether for work or pleasure.

Alongside AQI support, Google Maps now also has a layer designed to help people be more informed about any wildfires in the area. Google says that search interest in a number of wildfire-related terms has doubled over the past year, highlighting growing concern about the effects of wildfires.

The two new layers are available as part of the Google Maps app that is in the App Store now. Those who have the app installed already will see an update waiting for them, while everyone else can download Google Maps for free right now.

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