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Best shows to watch on Apple TV+ in every genre

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Apple TV+ is home to hundreds of hours of content, spread across many genres. Here are some of our favorites across all of them.

Apple TV+ can be found on the Apple TV app on devices made by Apple. And, it’s also on a lot of televisions, game consoles, and streaming hardware by other brands and competitors.

There’s also a web version of the service if your device lacks the app. It costs $4.99 a month.

We chose a few select shows in every genre Apple TV+ offers based on the talent, how interesting the shows are, and for some, the acclaim.

Drama Series

Elisabeth Moss of “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and “The West Wing” fame stars in this eight-episode series.

The series stars Moss as a reporter on a mission to find the man who is responsible for the assault she received years ago.

All eight episodes are available now.

Based on the novel by Mick Herron, the spy drama featuring Gary Oldman has “sidelined MI5 agents” trying to pull off ridiculous missions.

The leader of the team, played by Oldman, will try to help the group navigate the spy world while avoiding further blunders that have led them through the series of demotions that first led to this team.

All six episodes of the series are available now.

A retelling of the real-life story of the collaborative working space firm WeWork, “WeCrashed” offers a deeper look behind the collapse.

Based on Wondery’s podcast of the same name, stars Jared Leto and Anne Hathaway will portray the eccentric co-founder Adam Neumann and wife Rebekah, respectively.

All eight episodes of the series are streaming now.

Created by Ben Stiller, this mysterious corporate thriller features Mark Scout, played by Adam Scott as he tries to refine macro data for the secretive Lumon Industries.

The series depicts a technology where work and personal lives are physically severed from within the brain. Mark and his team will have to evade Lumon’s security measures to piece both halves of their lives together to uncover a greater scheme lurking behind.

All nine episodes of this series are available to stream now.

Acclaimed director M. Night Shyamalan’s name looms large over this series, as he is the executive producer of this creepy mystery.

The three-season series (and counting) centers around a family attempting to get over the loss of their infant child by caring over a lifelike doll instead.

Starring the likes of Lauren Ambrose and Rupert Grint, the desolate atmosphere of the house has also been invaded by an outside force.

The series has just been renewed for a fourth and final season.

The first three seasons are streaming now.

Comedy Series

From the creators of the acclaimed series “Bob’s Burgers,” their new venture is a stream of musical numbers supported by a well-tenured cast.

Leslie Odom, Jr., Tituss Burgess, Kathryn Hann, and Krysten Bell are among the ensemble talent playing pivotal roles. Odom, Jr.’s Owen is the manager of Central Park, while Hahn’s Paige is Owen’s wife and a journalist.

The family’s trial’s and tribulations to save Central Park from the machinations of real estate industry members from privatizing the park are paired by imaginations of the family’s daughter Molly.

Both full seasons of Central Park are streaming now. The series has also just been renewed for a third season.

A dramatization of poet Emily Dickinson’s colorful life, the three-season series is the winner of a Peabody Award.

Fusing the 19th-century background and modern ideas of morality and music, “Dickinson” is an exploration of a life in the past that was ahead of its time.

One of the launch titles for the service, the series has come to a conclusion as of writing, with Apple throwing a lavish premiere event for the final season.

All three seasons of the completed series are now streaming.

A story about positivity and hard work, Jason Sudeikis plays a college football coach who was hired by a soccer team in the UK— part of the soccer club’s executives’ plan to destabilize the organization.

With two complete seasons now available, it has been renewed for a third season.

The musical feature has a couple trapped in the town of Schmigadoon, where its residents live in a perpetual musical, and cannot leave until they find true love.

Cecile Strong and Keegan-Michael Key plays the main characters that have to discover the hidden secrets of the town, all while re-discovering their relationship.

All six episodes of season one are streaming now.

Feature-Length Movies

Featuring a star-studded cast that includes Denzel Washington and Frances McDormand, “The Tragedy of Macbeth” is a retelling of the Shakespeare classic.

While the film aired in theaters in December 2021, it arrived on the service a month later. The “ambitious” film is shown entirely in black-and-white and is directed by Joel Coen.

Starring Tom Hanks, “Finch” is an adventure that follows an engineer as he tries to make it work in a post-apocalyptic world. Hanks’ Finch is joined by his dog and Jeff, the robot taking care of his pet.

Finch will show Caleb Landry Jones’ Jeff “what it means to be alive” as the three struggle to survive in the Western United States.

The series is available now.

Produced by Skydance Animation is part of an ongoing collaborative effort with Apple, “Blush” is one of the first animated films to hit the platform.

The plot revolves around an astronaut crash-landing on a far-off planet, but a creature has rekindled hope for him when she comes to his aid.

Having previously worked on Pixar’s “Toy Story,” and “Cars,” Heather Schmidt Feng Yanu is a producer of this film, described as a “deeply personal journey of healing, hope and the undeniably human moments of being rescued by love.”

The series is available now.

Debuted at the 2021 Sundance Film Festival, “CODA” features the sole hearing member Ruby as a child of deaf adults, in a dilemma between her family and her dreams.

Tom Hanks once again graces the starring role as he becomes a naval commander serving in World War II for the United States in 1942, soon after the country entered action.

Hanks, who have already starred in the acclaimed “Saving Private Ryan,” “Band of Brothers,” and “The Pacific,” himself adapted the 1955 novel “The Good Shepherd” by C. S. Forester.


Narrated by Sir David Attenborough with Hans Zimmer scoring, this five-part documentary series is a look into the Cretaceous era of dinosaurs among other creatures.

Set against detailed CGI, the narration takes the viewer to see what dinosaur life would be millions of years ago.

All five episodes of the documentary was released in a week-long event in May 2022.

This five-part documentary chronicles the life, achievements, and struggles of NBA legend Magic Johnson.

A deep look into his career, family, and personal life, the series contains many interviews with Johnson, his family, and an all-star cast of former NBA teammates and players.

The series, containing four parts, is now available in its entirety.

As the title of this two-hour special implies, “Beastie Boys Story” explores the history of the boy band The Beastie Boys, and their meteoric rise to stardom.

Renowned director Spike Jonze calls the shots in the presentation of this three-decade story, from the members humble beginnings in New York in the 70s, to their peak in popularity in the 80s, and their comeback in the 1990s.

This documentary is available now.

Visible: Out On Television

Every episode is narrated by a unique celebrity: Janet Mock, Margaret Cho, Asia Kate Dillon, Neil Patrick Harris, and Lena Waithe are the roster. The five-hour deep dive also prominently features Oprah Winfrey, Anderson Cooper, Wanda Sykes, Caitlyn Jenner among other notable names.All five one-hour episodes are streaming now.

Children’s Programming

Coming summer 2022, “Luck” follows a young girl named Sam who discovers the “Land of Luck,” full of talking creatures, in hopes to retrieve a magic coin.

An ensemble cast featuring Eva Noblezada as Sam, Whoopi Goldberg, Simon Pegg, and Full Borg is part of the production headed by Skydance Animation, which also produced the “Blush” film.”Luck” will arrive on Apple TV+ August 5, 2022.

Fragile Rock: Back to the Rock

Joined by cameos of the rock band “Foo Fighters,” the 88 episodes of the original series are available as well as the bonus specials.The 13 episodes of season one is available now.

Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the landing of Apollo 11, this exclusive edition of the long-running “Snoopy” cartoon sends the eponymous dog beyond the stratosphere.

Accompanied by a documentary in May 2019, the animation pays homage to the original Apollo 10 missions with modules named after Snoopy and character Charlie Brown.

The series is available now.

Unscripted and Interview Series

The Problem With Jon Stewart

This weekly show has Stewart takes viewers on a deep dive on the week’s hot-button events. Originally launched as a biweekly show, the series returned in March 2022 as a four-episode special.

This series defeated “The Oprah Conversation” as the platform’s most-popular unscripted series, and have been nominated for a Writer’s Guild award.

After signing onto a show deal with Apple in 2018, Oprah Winfrey’s series is exclusively available on Apple TV+.According to Apple, Oprah will go into detailed discussions with “today’s foremost newsmakers, thought leaders, and masters of their craft,” which included an interview with President Barack Obama.

The fifteen episodes of the series are now available.

Carpool Karaoke: The Series

It was showered with a further seven Creative Arts Emmys in December 2021. It features celebrities sharing a car, all while sharing stories and signing to their heart’s content.

All five complete seasons of the series are now available.

Live Sports

The best of Major League Baseball is showcased every Friday night with two games exclusive to Apple.

Available in select countries, “Friday Night Baseball” includes “MLB Big Inning” highlights from around the big leagues, alongside pre- and post-game shows.

The broadcasts will last through the regular season, with games in the first weeks available for free.

“Friday Night Baseball” unfolds every Friday on the service.

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