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iOS 16 will help Brits explain why 30°C is too darn hot

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Apple made iOS 16 available to developers earlier this month and we’re still learning things about it. One of those things is built-in unit conversion including temperature, currency, distance, and more.

If you’re someone who lives in a different timezone, or a Brit tired of explaining to Americans why 30°C is too hot because they need it in Fahrenheit, iOS 16 has your back. As MacStories editor-in-chief Federico Viticci shared to Twitter, those with iOS 16 installed later this year will be able to instantly convert these kinds of things without ever leaving the app that they’re in. That means that if someone sends you an iMessage that says something like “100KM,” you’ll be able to tap it and convert it to miles. The feature works in apps like Notes and more and could save valuable seconds Googling how hot a temperature is or what time it is in a particular timezone.

While the App Store is already full of apps that can convert just about anything to almost anything else, having this kind of feature built right into iOS 16 will be a huge boon for those of us who talk to people across the world, where different units are used for different things. It’s also a great example of a feature that might not seem huge but could make a big quality of life improvement over the life of your iPhone.

Apple announced iOS 16 earlier this month during its WWDC22 opening keynote and almost immediately made the first beta available to developers. The public beta won’t land until next month, while the final release isn’t set to be made available until later this year — likely in or around September. We do know that it’ll be the best iPhone software to date and that it will likely be installed on the upcoming iPhone 14 when it ships around the same time, too.

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