Fantastical gains significant meeting scheduling improvements and more

Fantastical gains significant meeting scheduling improvements and more

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Fantastical, the popular calendaring app for iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch, has a new macOS update out that improves on a big new feature that was added earlier this year. Fantastical Scheduling makes it easier for people to schedule meetings and now it’s been improved to help “streamline your meeting planning.”

The new update, carrying version number 3.6.5, adds a number of improvements including automatic conference calls. Now, users can create Openings templates that give people their conference call details to recipients when needed.

This means you can now create Openings meeting templates that automatically add conference calls to the time slots people request from you.

Try setting up different templates for online and in-person events, and then share both template URLs with your clients or co-workers, and give them the option to choose between a face-to-face meeting or an online one.

Another improvement is the addition of Break Time, a feature that allows people to essentially add padding to their meetings. With Break Time, people can ensure that others can’t book back-to-back meetings with them, ensuring that there will always be a pre-set amount of time between them.

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Fantastical 3.6.5 also adds a new Openings availability view, giving you instant visibility of any available timeslots you still have available.

Your Openings slots will be clearly marked by whether they are ‘Out of range’ (meaning the time for the slot has passed), ‘Blocked’ (when you have a conflict in your calendar that’s preventing people requesting this time slot), or ‘Available’. This helps you to understand how people who use your Openings URL will see your availability, and allow you to make adjustments to your schedule as necessary.

You can learn more about what Fantastical has been working on in the announcement blog post and the app can be downloaded over there, too. Fantastical is available with a free trial for all of the Premium features and they’re definitely features you’re going to want to try out. I’d wager that Fantastical is one of the best Mac calendaring apps around, and it’s a similar story on Apple’s other platforms as well.

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