iPhones & Macs among $22K-worth of gear stolen by Miami airport workers

iPhones & Macs among $22K-worth of gear stolen by Miami airport workers

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Source: Joseph Keller / iMore

Two Miami airport workers have been arrested after they were accused of stealing almost $22,000 in Apple gear that was supposed to wing its way to Chile.

The pair, who worked at the Miami International Airport for Cargo Handling Airport Services — a subcontractor for Chile-based LATAM Airlines — were picked up after lifting AirPods and other Apple hardware to the tune of $21,728.35 according to a local report. In total, five MacBook Pro notebooks, 30 pairs of AirPods and AirPods Pro, and 20 iPhones were stolen. Oh, and a single charging cable — maybe someone’s iPhone needed juice on the post-heist drive home.

According to the report, a Miami-Dade police detective arrived at the LATAM cargo facility at 6500 NW 25th St. on May 19 to review CCTV footage of a theft that took place on May 1.

In the video, detectives saw the two workers removing two cargo boxes from a shipping pallet, dropping them inside of a rolling trash bin and concealing the boxes with a net, the report states.

The story goes that the pair then rolled the trash bin to a wall before wrapping the boxes in large jackets and making a getaway.

The two men now face charges of grand theft and organized scheme to defraud, according to the report.

Remember folks, the best Mac is one that you paid for!

Apple products could well be among the most stolen thanks to their high price and desirability. Reports of items being stolen from Apple Stores are a regular occurrence, while people having their iPhones stolen have reportedly used Find My to locate their stuff.

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