Gentler Streak founder talks watchOS 9, importance of rest, more

Gentler Streak founder talks watchOS 9, importance of rest, more

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Gentler Streak wants to bring compassion to your fitness goals. But how does it plan to do that? The Apple Watch app is readying a new unique feature called Go Gentler, which will recommend daily actions based on your workout history. 9to5Mac interviewed Gentler Streak founder Katarina Lotrič about the app’s future, and how watchOS 9 could impact and help users in a gentler future.

Starting with watchOS 9, the upcoming Apple Watch operating system is the biggest update in years. Not only does it end Apple Watch Series 3 support, but fully embraces the bigger screens, revamps the Workout app, and also brings new possibilities to developers.

For Lotrič, Gentler Streak will be able to take advantage of new APIs, such as the WeatherKit and new sleep tracking data.

“We’re really looking forward to WeatherKit, because, in the future, we can make suggestions based on the weather. If it’s raining outside, we won’t recommend an Outdoor Run. We’ll also be adding weather and temperature information after you finish a workout,” she says. “Sleep tracking can be handy. Gentler Streak will be able to understand how well you slept and give you overall suggestions.”

In addition, as we already covered at 9to5Mac, Apple is revamping the Workout app on watchOS 9. Not only does it bring a lot of new data, but it also adds the Heart Rate Zone metric, which is one of the most important features of the Gentler Streak Apple Watch app, but although Apple gives more data, the company doesn’t help interpret it as Lotrič’s app does.

“Apple adding Heart Rate Zones enforces our concept, shows we’re going on the right direction, but our goal is very specific since Gentler Streak evolves around your health activity levels, which the Workout app doesn’t,” she says. “In the future, we are also adding new screens so users can see more data using the Digital Crown.

If you’re not familiar, Gentler Streak features an Activity Path in which you can see if you’re pushing too hard or if you could increase your workout on a daily basis. With the Heart Rate Zone’s metric, it shows in real-time on your wrist how’s your fitness.

“It’s OK, you can rest,” Go Gentler’s goal is compassion

GO Gentler feature

While Apple’s focus is on closing the activity rings, Gentler Streak wants you to be conscious of your health and fitness.

I think that the world is hungry for someone to tell you that it’s OK to rest, because resting is not the same as quitting. Resting is as important as being active, being compassionate about yourself.

Gentler Streak founder says this, because next week, the app is readying Go Gentler, a new power feature that recommends daily actions based on the user’s exercise history – as exclusively reported by 9to5Mac. “It’s a totally unique feature because it learns from you. There are five suggestions, and the most appropriate one is listed in first – and sometimes it’s gonna be rest. You’ll always know the proper activity for the day, and you can start the workout on your Apple Watch.”

After next week’s release, Gentler Streak plans to bring a new tab on the iPhone app called Heart.

It’s going to be all about your relevant metrics and trends and you’ll be able to connect the dots between your body and how you feel. We plan to introduce resting, Vo2 Max, period, sleeping, but [this] depends on how useful and helpful these metrics can be for the user.

iOS 16 Lock Screen

Last but not least, Gentler Streak is already working on Lock Screen widgets for the iOS 16 update for later this fall. In addition, there’s a variety of widgets and complications coming after watchOS 9 launches.

The app is free to download here on the App Store but requires a subscription to take full advantage of it. The Premium Monthly is $6.99 and Premium Yearly is $19.99.


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