Best keyboard covers for MacBook Pro 2022

Best keyboard covers for MacBook Pro 2022

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keyboard covers for MacBook Pro

The Butterfly Keyboards on the MacBook lineup have had their issues. A single crumb under there could signal an end to your typing days or, at the very least, create a massive hiccup in productivity for a little while. So if you want to maintain your MacBook Pro’s keyboard integrity for years to come, then grab one of the best Macbook Pro keyboard covers and type comfortably — while nomming on the crumbliest cookies you can find.

Highly recommended:
UPPERCASE Ghostcover Ultra-Thin Keyboard Protector

Staff Favorite

Apart from having a sweet name, the Uppercase GhostCover is a super-thin option for protecting your MacBook’s keyboard. It’s made of flexible TPU and is translucent enough so as not to diminish your keyboard’s backlight when you’re typing away in the dark. You can get yours with the Touch Bar or without.

$13 at Amazon


Super thin:
Kuzy ultra thin cover

Kuzy’s cover adds a pop of color to your MacBook Pro’s keyboard with key covers in mint green, pink, or purple. You can also grab a clear case, too. Each of these is for the MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. That being said, if you don’t care to cover the function keys on your non-Touch Bar MacBook, then go for it.

From $10 at Amazon


Transparently thin:
CaseBuy Ultra Thin Transparent Keyboard Cover Skin

DHZ makes keyboard skins for both the Touch Bar MacBook Pro and the non-Touch Bar model, complete with function keys. Like all the others on this list, this skin is made from TPU. It’s super thin so as not to interfere with typing and the already-low-travel keys.

From $7 at Amazon


Case and keyboard cover:
ProCase MacBook Pro 13 Case 2019

Many hardshell cases already come with keyboard covers, and ProCase’s cases are dynamite if you want the whole package. There are a ton of color options to choose from for the 15-inch and 13-inch models. Just make sure you select the correct size before checking out.

$13 at Amazon


Full color:
VFENG keyboard skin

VFENG has some really gorgeous keyboard covers that come in a few vibrant and striking colors, like Peacock Blue, Apricot, and Turquoise. It’s thin and made out of TPU, making it just as easy to remove and clean when you need to, and there’s also a clear option for you curmudgeons.

From $7 at Amazon

A worthy investment

The issues with the Butterfly Keyboards on the MacBook Pro line have gotten better over the years as Apple has tweaked the design. However, getting any crumbs or other particulates underneath your keys can be super annoying to remove, and in worst cases, can cause your keys to stop functioning. Choosing one of these best MacBook Pro keyboard covers can help save you a lot of frustration.

We highly recommend the Uppercase GhostCover as it sits super flat on your keys, making it easy to type on. Plus, it doesn’t seem to leave any noticeable marks on the MacBook Pro screen after leaving it closed for a while.

As someone who loves color, the VFENG keyboard skin is a fun way to add a little color to your MacBook Pro. The backlighting is a tad dimmer when you use a full-color skin like this, but it’s not impossible to see in the dark.

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