Google makes it easier to switch from iPhone to Android

Google makes it easier to switch from iPhone to Android

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If you’ve been thinking about leaving iMore and heading over to Android Central, Google wants to help you do it.

Today, the company announced that the Switch to Android app on iOS is now rolling out support for all smartphones running Android 12. The company says that, with the app, users will be able to choose between connecting a cable between their two phones or doing the entire transfer wirelessly.

Starting today, support for the Switch to Android app on iOS is rolling out to all Android 12 phones, so you can move over some important information from your iPhone to your new Android seamlessly. Once you’ve got your new Android phone, follow our easy setup instructions to go through the data transfer process. You’ll be prompted to connect your old iPhone with your new Android phone either with your iPhone cable or wirelessly via the new Switch to Android app. The instructions will walk you through how to easily transfer your data like your contacts, calendars and photos over to your new phone.

Google has set up a Switch to Android website as well to help walk users through the transfer.

While the team at iMore will mourn any reader who jumps ship to Android, we can all be glad that both Apple and Google are finding ways to make it easier on everyone when they want to make such a switch.

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