Splatoon 3 story mode with Agent 7, Callie, and Marie

Splatoon 3 story mode guide: Tips, tricks, and info for the solo campaign

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The Splatoon series is famous for its impressive multiplayer turf battles, but solo experiences have been very minimal in the past. Finally with Splatoon 3 a fleshed-out solo campaign is finally available entitled Return of the Mammalians and is no longer called Octo Valley like it was before. 

If you don’t have any friends available at the moment or are looking for something a little more challenging then this Story mode will keep you entertained.

What’s the story in Hero mode?

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The long-running story between all three Splatoon entries so far has been about the war with the Octarians. These enemies are octopus creatures commanded by the evil DJ Octavio. 

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