MJ Delaney, Cynthia Wade, Arlene Nelson, Hillary Clinton, Chelsea Clinton, Anna Chai and Yu Gu (Directors) attend Apple’s “Gutsy” premiere at the Times Center Theater. “Gutsy” premieres globally on Apple TV+ on September 9, 2022.

Apple hosts the worldwide premiere of Hillary and Chelsea Clinton’s docuseries Gutsy

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Hillary and Chelsea Clinton have taken the red carpet to celebrate the release of Gutsy, their new documentary series.

As the series premiered globally on Friday, September 9, Apple also hosted (opens in new tab) a world premiere event in New York City. The event was star-stubbed featuring celebrities like Amber Ruffin, Mariska Hargitay, Symone and Quannah Chasinghorse, as well as guests Diane von Fürstenberg, Barry Diller, Samantha Bee, Amber Tamblyn, and more.

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