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How to download the first public beta of iOS 16.1 to your iPhone

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During WWDC22, Apple unveiled the next iteration of software for the iPhone in the form of iOS 16. With iOS 16, Apple is giving users a slew of brand new features like customizable Lock Screens, edit and unsend capabilities in Messages, multi-stop routing in Maps, and so much more. It’s definitely one of the bigger iOS releases that Apple is giving us, much like iOS 14 when it first came out.

But before Apple can release iOS 16, it has to work out the kinks. While there is a developer beta so that developers can test out the new features and use the new APIs for their apps, there is also a public beta for non-developers. With the public beta, it opens up the testing pool for iOS 16 to more people, which gives Apple more awareness to bugs that need to be fixed before the final release in the fall.

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