Dynamic Island on iPhone 14 Pro

iOS 16.1 beta adds Reachability support for Dynamic Island, making one-handed use easier

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Apple recently unveiled the iPhone 14 series of phones, and the iPhone 14 Pro is even more different than the regular model than usual. The most noticeable feature is the new notch replacement that Apple is calling Dynamic Island. While Dynamic Island has mostly received praise for being a clever implementation of the pill-hole display cut-out, there have been a few concerns about it.

The main concern has been how Dynamic Island operates around the physical location of the cut-out, which is quite high up on the phone. One-handed use is cumbersome since Apple didn’t include it in Reachability at launch, either. However, it seems like we may get Reachability support for Dynamic Island soon, as the latest iOS 16.1 beta has now added it. 

Dynamic Island could become even more dynamic with Reachability support

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