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iOS 16.1 beta bug is breaking GPS on iPhone 14 Pro models

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Apple’s iPhone 14 series of phones are now out, and consumers are getting their hands on them already. Apple has also released iOS 16 alongside these new phones, and following it is the iOS 16.1 beta. While this beta has a lot of important features, it also seems to have one severe bug. iPhone 14 Pro and Pro Max users have been reporting that the beta is breaking the GPS on their phones.

The reports started appearing on MacRumors forums recently, and it seems like a lot of iPhone 14 Pro model users running the beta are affected. While not all iPhone 14 Pro users are affected, it’s still a good idea to hold back from this update if you own one of these new models.

Don’t update to the iOS 16.1 beta if you have an iPhone 14 Pro model

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There have been multiple reported software bugs for Apple’s latest top iPhones, the iPhone 14 series, including one that wouldn’t let you activate your new phone. Apple fixed that with a day one patch. This new GPS issue is with the beta build of the upcoming iOS 16.1. While it is recommended that you don’t install beta software on your daily driver devices, many iPhone users seem to have done that.

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