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Does Apple Watch Series 8 fit older cases?

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Does Apple Watch Series 8 fit older cases?

Best Answer: The answer is yes and no. The Apple Watch Series 8 will fit only those cases that were made for the Apple Watch Series 7, but not any cases made for Series 6, 5, 4, or SE.

What makes this case different than older series?

Ever since the Apple Watch Series 7 was released in 2021, the two available sizes are 41mm and 45mm. This is slightly bigger than the 40mm and 44mm options from years before. For that reason, cases for Apple Watch 6 and earlier will not fit the Series 7 or Apple Watch 8 models. However, if your cases were made for Apple Watch Series 7 at 41 or 45mm, then they will also fit the respective sizes of the Series 8. 

Why do some brands advertise cases that fit all Apple Watch series?

If you search hard enough, you may find some brands advertising Apple Watch cases that can fit any Apple Watch, even the Series 8 model. In almost all cases (pun intended), this is not completely true. You may be able to stretch, force, and manhandle a smaller case onto your bigger Apple Watch 8, but that doesn’t mean it will fit perfectly. 

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