Signal might be the next app to have a Stories-like feature

Signal might be the next app to have a Stories-like feature

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Snapchat certainly made photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours a popular feature. Instagram, TikTok, and many other platforms followed suit, and nowadays, “Stories” are everywhere. Now it seems that the popular encrypted messaging app Signal might be next to have a Stories-like feature.

Stories coming to Signal

The latest beta version of the Signal app, which was released this week, comes with Stories – and they work the way you probably imagine. “Stories let you create and share images, videos, and texts with your friends on Signal that will automatically disappear after 24 hours,” said one of Signal’s developers in a blog post (via Engadget).

Reinforcing Signal’s commitment to end-to-end encryption, the developer says that the Stories feature also has the same technology in order to ensure users’ privacy. The app will provide options to let users decide who can see their Stories. It will also be possible to share Stories with a custom list of friends or with specific groups. Other people can see, react, and reply to a Story.

Stories are, of course, end-to-end encrypted, giving you a new way to communicate on Signal without compromising privacy. You are always fully in control of who you share your stories with.

You can share your stories with all of your Signal connections (Signal connections = your contacts + anyone you’ve had a 1:1 chat with), or with a custom list of friends, or with any of your Signal groups. When you share stories to groups, anyone else in that group can view, share, react, and reply to that group story.

But unlike platforms like Instagram, Signal will let users turn off Stories completely if they’re not a fan of the feature. It’s worth noting that since this is a beta feature, only other users using the beta app will see Stories. There are no details on when the update will become available to the public.

Other social networks like Twitter have also tried to push their own Stories solution. However, in this case, Twitter later discontinued “Fleets” after confirming that the feature never had appeal among its users.

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