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iPhone 15, iPad (2022), all AirPods getting USB-C before 2024 end, wireless still the future for Apple: Gurman

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Apple has been a little two-sided on the USB-C adoption debate. On one hand, it moved its Mac lineup to USB-C quicker and with more conviction and belief in the standard than most computer makers. On the other hand, its iPhones and other products are still stuck on the old Lightning ports and are way overdue for the USB-C treatment.

Of late, however, it has been starting to look like Apple may be forced to switch to USB-C on all its devices. Multiple regions are considering passing regulations to mandate USB-C as the charging port standard, and the European Union recently passed a law that mandates this. It looks like Apple is ahead of the curve, though, and has already begun planning the switch to USB-C for iPhone, iPad, and AirPods, according to trusted journalist Mark Gurman.

Apple is upgrading its devices to USB-C, but wireless is still the focus

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