Level Home has no plans to support Apple Home Key

Level Home has no plans to support Apple Home Key

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With iOS 15, Apple introduced Home Key, which lets smart lock manufacturers integrate these products into the Wallet app so users can open doors just by tapping their iPhone against the lock. However, Level Home – a popular smart home accessories seller – said it has no plans to integrate its locks with Apple Home Key.

Article updated with a statement from Level Home.

No Apple Home Key for Level Home products

The news comes from a Reddit user who contacted Level Home asking the company when it would announce support for Apple Home Key for its smart locks. Surprisingly, a company representative responded to the customer saying that Level Home has “no current plans to integrate with HomeKey.”

In the same email, the company representative acknowledged that Level Home engineers are “aware of the popularity of the technology.” Still, that didn’t seem enough to convince Level Home to add Home Key support to its products.

I apologize for the inconvenience. We have no current plans to integrate with HomeKey, though our engineers are aware of the popularity of the technology.

Level Home offers a variety of HomeKit-compatible smart locks, such as Level Bolt and Level Lock. With these accessories, users can lock and unlock door locks directly from the Home app on Apple devices. The locks also support NFC cards and regular keys.

Update: Statement from Level Home

A Level Home spokesperson told 9to5Mac that the company knows that its customers are interested in Apple Home Key support. While there are no plans at the moment, it’s not something “off the table for Level.”

You can read the full statement below:

We know there is a lot of excitement around Apple home keys, and it’s something our users are interested in. As a company that listens to our user feedback and ultimately uses it to offer more, we hear you and will say that home key support is certainly not off the table for Level.

Alternatives with Home Key support

While Level Home is yet to add Home Key support to its products, there are alternatives available on the market. One of the alternatives is Schlage Encode Plus, which offers all the features you would expect from a smart lock plus support for Apple’s Home Key for easy unlock using your iPhone or Apple Watch.

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