Apple iPad smart home hub dock rumored to be coming soon

Apple iPad smart home hub dock rumored to be coming soon

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A simple concept of a ‘HomeHub’ running tvOS

Apple is planning to make the iPad a more central fixture in the home, by turning it into a smart home hub and speaker that could live on a kitchen counter.

Apple’s HomeKit platform relies on devices like iPads, the Apple TV, and the HomePod mini to function. However, none work as a central controllable and dedicated fixture for the home, something Apple is apparently keen to change.

Gurman refers to the Pixel Tablet launch by Google in May, which in October, the search company disclosed it intended to sell an accessory to dock the Pixel Tablet, turning into a smart display and home control device. Gurman claims he was told that Apple is working on similar functionality, which could arrive in 2023.

This includes the standalone hub, but also an iPad docking accessory. It is reckoned the two concepts could be kept on a kitchen counter, a living room, or on a nightstand.

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