Firefox version 106 adds PDF editing & lowers CPU usage on Mac

Firefox version 106 adds PDF editing & lowers CPU usage on Mac

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Mozilla has released Firefox version 106 to the public, adding the ability to edit PDFs directly within the browser.

Firefox 106 continues to add privacy and customization features for users. It also includes a PDF editor, text recognition, new wallpapers, and a feature called Firefox View.

For macOS Catalina 10.15 and later, a text recognition feature lets the browser extract text from a selected image, such as a meme or screenshot. The extracted text is copied to the clipboard to share, store, or search, without needing to retype everything.

Colorways change the browser's appearance

Colorways change the browser’s appearance

The feature is compatible with VoiceOver, an accessibility feature built into macOS that can read aloud content on the screen.

Another feature, Firefox View, helps people get back to their previously discovered content. It lets users find and open recently closed tabs on their current device, access tabs from other devices, and change the browser’s look with Colorways.

Mozilla created colorways in collaboration with an industry color specialist. Each colorway changes the look of Firefox with different color palettes and themes.

FireFox View shows recently closed tabs

FireFox View shows recently closed tabs

Mozilla added 18 new colorways accompanied by a graphic and text description that explains their deep meanings. The collection will be available through January 16.

Other features in Firefox 106

  • Security fixes: Various security fixes have been included in Firefox 106. They patch memory corruption, prevent possible denial-of-service attacks, user data getting saved in unencrypted files, and more.
  • Web platform: An upgrade to Firefox’s WebRTC capabilities brings multiple improvements, such as better screen sharing, lower CPU usage, and increased frame rates during WebRTC screen capture on macOS, and more.

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