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It’s 2022, but I’m only interested in iPhones, iPads and Apple TV boxes from 2021

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Earlier this week, Apple released a series of new products on its website, sidestepping the oft-rumored October event that many had been expecting since last month’s iPhone-centric one.

On the agenda, as the leaks suggested, was a fresh new 2022 iPad Pro model with M2 chip, a fresh design for the base iPad (the 10th-gen new iPad 2022), and another overhaul for the Apple TV 4K for 2022. As an Apple-centric writer, and a fan of the company’s products since I got my first secondhand iMac in 2007, it should have been exciting – especially since I’ve ruined many a social gathering talking the ears off of those surrounding me, extolling the virtues of the iPad.

And yet, it feels like the Apple of 2016 has returned and trampled over at least some of the goodwill earned in the years since. This is “butterfly keyboard” Apple again it feels, and much of the conversation comes down to price.

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How much is too much?

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