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All Pokémon games ranked from worst to best

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Pokémon is one of those special franchises that appeals to every age and player. You ask a crowd of people what their favorite Pokémon game is and inevitably every single gen will be listed. But how exactly do all eight gens stack up to each other? That honestly depends on how you’re ranking them.

We all come into the series at various points and have specific fond memories of the games that first introduced us or meant the most to us. As such, we did not take ranking the Pokémon games lightly but instead weighed ratings, a game’s legacy on following Pokémon games, replay value, and its cultural impact when making this list.

What’s in a rank?

  • Legacy: We looked into how each game impacted the games that followed after it. Those that included elements that changed the series ranked higher.
  • Cultural impact: Pokémon titles that had a larger social impact also ranked higher on this list.
  • Current replay value: As we all know, some games don’t age very well. Pokémon games that are still the most enjoyable to play these days ranked higher.
  • Core games only: To prevent this list from getting too crazy, we only included the core Pokémon RPGs, Gen I through Gen VIII. No remakes and no spinoffs.

Which Pokémon game is the best?

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Obviously, just because a game sells well doesn’t always mean that it’s the very best. Without further ado, let’s break down how each game ranks against the others.

8. Sun & Moon – Gen VII (2016, 3DS)

(Image credit: Rebecca Spear / iMore)

Last in our list are Sun and Moon, but that doesn’t mean they were bad. These were the first games to introduce regional variants like the icy Alolan Vulpix or the long-necked Alolan Eggecutor. Gen VII also brought us Z-moves, special attacks that combine the user and Pokémon’s power for up to one special attack each battle. It built on the character customization from Gen VI and gave plenty of ways to show off your unique style.

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