Sumbul Desai talks raising health awareness with Apple Watch

Sumbul Desai talks raising health awareness with Apple Watch

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The Web Summit 2022 conference is now taking place in Lisbon with many guest speakers, including executives from Apple. One of them is the company’s vice president of health, Dr. Sumbul Desai, who discussed how Apple has been raising health awareness with the help of products like the Apple Watch and iPhone.

Desai believes Apple users are living a healthier life

Desai has become one of Apple’s key figures as she leads several of the company’s healthcare initiatives, including clinical product development and medical research partnerships. In recent years, the executive has been the one chosen to introduce new Apple Watch health features such as the oximeter and body temperature sensor at the company’s events.

The presentation was focused on how technology can change people’s lives and predict risky situations. Desai said that the company has been adding health-related features to its devices because it wants more people to be aware of their health.

The doctor argues that users of Apple devices have been able to live healthier lives as the products help them predict possible health problems, while also motivating people to have better habits thanks to health and fitness alerts, including cycle tracking and irregular heart rate notifications.

According to Desai, Apple engineers work closely with medical institutions, healthcare organizations, and even users to understand how they can improve the health features of the iPhone and Apple Watch. She highlighted features recently introduced with the latest Apple Watch models, such as the body temperature sensor and crash detection.

Desai made it clear that Apple’s innovations in this field are constantly supported by science and have already made a difference in detecting serious heart conditions. Many users, after having access to this kind of information, have dramatically improved their health through daily physical activity.

Lisa Jackson also spoke at the event

As noted by, Apple’s VP of environment and social initiatives Lisa Jackson also spoke at Web Summit 2022. She highlighted many projects that Apple has been working on to create a better world, such as Apple Developer Academy – a program that trains programming and design students to learn Swift and create apps.

Jackson said at the event that she likes to think that “it’s never enough.” The executive reinforced how important technology is towards a more inclusive and equal world.

You can watch the Web Summit 2022 conference on YouTube.

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