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Alxum 100W 4 Ports GaN charger: Fast 4-way power

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Got more devices that need charging than you have wall sockets to power them from? Then you’re in need of a good multi-device charger. While wireless mats and stands are in vogue, it’s still handy to be able to tether your devices to a wall when at a desk or traveling.

The Alxum 100W 4 port USB-C charger is a superb option in that case — with three USB-C ports, 1 USB-A, and 100W of Gallium Nitride (GaN) fast-charging power, it’ll juice your devices super speedily, and leave you with wall outlets to spare.

Alxum 100W 4 Ports GaN charger: Price and availability

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The Alxum 100W 4 Ports GaN charger is available now, available from Amazon (opens in new tab) and direct from Alxum. Expect to pay around £60 (about $75) for it. That’s right in the middle of what we’d hope to pay for a 4-port 100W GaN charger, with options from competitor Ugreen similarly priced.

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