$150 off Bang & Olufsen HX headphones get you more bang for your buck than AirPods Max

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Makers of speakers that look like modern art and excellent car stereos Bang & Olufsen have some of the best headphones out there in their lineup. The Beoplay HX headphones aren’t at the top of the tree, although the price might have you fooled. At $499 you’d put them up against the AirPods Max, and you’d probably find a fair matchup in doing so, although you’d arguably get a name more widely respected in the audio space. At the moment, however, you’ll get a very hefty $150 off these attractive headphones for a pretty epic Christmas deal.

Beoplay HX $150 off

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The Beoplay HX have been around the block for just over a year, but in that time they have cemented their place in the reams upon reams of other noise-canceling over-ear headphones. While their noise canceling may not be best in class, the sound quality they pump out most certainly is. While on the warmer side, it’s still crisp, clean, and clear.

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