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Get an iPhone SE for $40 with this epic Boost Mobile deal

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We love a good iPhone SE deal here at iMore, and this one is pretty stellar. If you head over to this Boost Mobile page you’ll find the offer. That’s unlimited calls, texts, and data with 12GB of mobile hotspot data for $40, and an iPhone SE for another $49.99. Altogether, you’ll get the phone and the data plan for $90. Keep the data contract going for $40 a month after that, or you could switch it in for a cheaper one – either way, the phone is yours for $40. 

iPhone SE and unlimited data plan for $90 at Boost Mobile

So it’s going to be super easy to get this deal. Head on over to this Boost Mobile deals page, and enter your ZIP code and email into the boxes. That will check if your area is eligible for the deal. From there, complete the purchase as you normally would, and save yourself $360. Super easy, and super cheap.

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