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Tesla makes AirPower real (and puts it in a $300 Cybertruck lookalike charger)

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Are you still waiting on your Cybertruck? How about Apple’s AirPower? Need more devices charged up? Got $300 lying around the house? Then Tesla has the device for you. It’s a wireless charging pad that has the same design ethos as the Cybertruck, with angles and lines all over the place. The coolest part isn’t the design, however — it’s the charging tech.

Remember Apple Air Power?

Apple AirPower was going to revolutionize wireless charging. It was going to be a base station with a pad on it. So far, so wireless charging. The difference here being that you would be able to put your device — be that an iPhone, AirPods case, or Apple Watch — anywhere on the charging surface, and your device would charge. 

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