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Apple Arcade had a great 2022 — but VR could change the game completely

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Entering its third year as a distraction for our thumbs, Apple Arcade in 2022 matured into a vibrant destination for gamers of all ages and interests. Courting high-profile exclusives and bringing long-loved classics to the $5-a-month subscription service, Arcade delivered a steady flow of top-notch gaming action to Apple’s iPhones, iPads, Apple TV 4K set-top boxes, and Mac as the months rolled on.

There was a confidence, even a swagger, to the games and names it was able to pepper the service with, from Hollywood heroes to game development legends and storied franchises and unique indie experiments alike. It was a great year for gaming-oriented Apple hardware too, while the rumor mill continued to spin up the suggestion of expansion into an all-new space: virtual reality.

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